The Classic FASERIP Podcast Volume 3 Issue 28 – Base building and more!

Join Vince and Matt for another new episode of the FASERIP Podcast, this week flipping the advanced players book, we go over the hero base building section. Talking about how it works, why it works, and what makes sense for you as a GM to allow for your players so they don’t go out of control. Then end the show with a new segment called, Villain of the Week, where we randomly flip through the handbooks and pull out Villain, talk about their history and then talk about how to use them in your game! Who is the Villain? Tune in to find out!

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  1. Hey guys, welcome back!

    When I GMed my Champions Superhero RPG, I never really sweated the details of players building super-bases and giving them leeway commensurate to the wealth, resources and skillsets available to the group, with the understanding that said base will probably pay dividends as a plot element for future adventures.

    If the PCs have the smarts & money to set up a satellite base with teleporters, let ’em. What’s the worst that could happen?

  2. As far as Dreamqueen is concerned, I think you could still use her in a low-powered game. Here’s an example:

    Telepathically, DreamQueen has been flirting with Lord Plunder (Ka-Zar’s brother) and has helped him regain a faction of AIM (lord Plunder once controlled AIM), with the intent of harnessing Antarctic Vibranium (Lord Plunder is an expert in using Vibranium) to open up a dimensional aperture to free her from Live World and yada yada.

    For “reasons”, DreamQueen’s power-level could be adjusted to the power-level of the PCs, perhaps growing stronger each combat round that the Vibranium Aperture is in operation.

    The above of course would be the climax of the adventure, with 2-3 prior sessions involving the PCs investigating/fighting Plunder, AIM & AIM-related villains as they steal & assemble the resources to release DreamQueen.

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