The Classic FASERIP Podcast Volume 3 Issue 25 – Weaknesses and the return of DM Matt!

Issue 25 is full of FASERIP-y goodness as the show is back. We start the show out by welcoming back DM Matt! He will be joining us as a regular co-host again! Matt and Vince sit down to dissect “weaknesses” on p12 of the Ultimate Powers book. Then end the show with some chatter about Iron Fist recasting and various articles about Stan Lee. Join us!

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  1. Info on the hows and whys of the Ultimate Powers book are available in the “Ask Dave Martin Anything” thread on (stickied near the top of the main discussion forum). In there he tells how he had a bout a weekend to read through the rules and less than a month to write the whole book. He tried his best to catalog all of the DC super heroes’ powers and put them into one book…that’s correct DC SUPER HEROES. He admits he wasn’t nearly as familiar with the Marvel cast of characters and not familiar at all with the Classic Marvel RPG. This is why he frequently confuses color results, rank intensities, and several other mechanics. It’s also why he has powers more appropriate to cosmic-level play than with the grittier, street-level Marvel average.

    Now, regarding weaknesses: most supers aren’t far removed from normal humans. ALL heroes should not be required to have “weaknesses” like Superman. Character flaws? Sure. But a game mechanic that figures out yet another way for the Judge to screw with the PCs is entirely unnecessary for heroes that are just as vulnerable to gravity or bullets as a normal human. There are more comic characters WITHOUT weaknesses than ones WITH weaknesses.

    Luke Cage – Nigh Invulnerable – no weakness
    Batman – considered by many the most powerful DC character – no weakness
    Captain Marvel (Shazam) – as powerful as Superman – Alter Ego but no real weakness
    Colossus – no weakness
    Deadpool – no weakness

    The interesting ones have flaws, only a few have something like Superman’s allergy to Kryptonite. Requiring every character in the Marvel game to have a “weakness” as described in the UPB is overkill and anti-fun.

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