The Classic FASERIP Podcast Volume 3 Issue 24 – Total Memory, WandaVision, the Punisher and more!

A new year, a new show. We are back! Join Vince and Keith as they talk about a rule from the Ultimate Powers book, Total Memory. Then follow up with talking about WandaVision, and how Marvel will be rebooting the Punisher. You wont want to miss this show!

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  1. Sorry, but I disagree with Keith and Vince on this one. Total Memory is a one slot power just like any other one slot power. One shouldn’t be prejudice against it because of the potential. Besides, the mechanics are all sorts of whackadoo. You make the red feat to remember ALL the faces you saw on Tuesday, but your rank is FE so only remember 2% of the faces, not ALL? Not really total recall there, is it? If it were a book you were trying to recall, you remember what, just the table of contents? The power is unnecessarily hampered when put up against other powers. The power should simply be left to a feat roll and you remember everything, otherwise it’s really no better than normal memory. And you can control the “Talent Mimic” effect simply by requiring power stunts for each talent, or class of talent if you are feeling generous.

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