The Classic FASERIP Podcast Volume 2 Issue 14 – Magic Basics

Join Vince and Keith as they go over the latest projects in the Marvel group, and then talk about the life of Stan Lee, finishing up the show with Magic Basics as described in the Advanced Players guide p61 to 65!

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Vince’s Marvel X-Universe Actual Play Podcast


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  1. I am going to download the episode again. I just listened to it on my tablet, and it cutoff at 23 minutes, 10 seconds. It didn’t even reach the mention of the Magic system at that point.

  2. Hi. You mentioned in the episode that the Basic Set basically…(pun) didn’t mention magic. It actually does on page 10 of the Campaign book. It’s very powerful. The caster can replicate any power with a rank equal to his or her Psyche rank.

    • yes, you are 100% correct, I had found that later on, so I do apologize for that. Appreciate the reminder and correction. Thank you for listening 🙂

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