The Classic FASERIP Podcast Volume 1 Issue 7 – Gadgets!!

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In this show we talk about designing up gadgets, and how its done, we also go over a few examples of creating custom items, ways to “use the rules” to your advantage by doing the piece by piece method.

You’ll need the following if you want to reference:

  • Advanced Rules set
    • Page 65 of the Advanced Players book
    • Page 14 of the Judges Book

The Rules of HOW to written out:

  • HOW TO:
    • Find a similar item in the book it would fall under
    • Take the Applicable Ranks that relate to item
    • Determine what rank you want them to be
    • Take highest Rank as base for Effective Cost
    • Compare other ranks..
      • If anything is equal to highest rank, +2 to effective cost rank
      • If anything is –1 column shift to highest rank, that adds another +1 to effective cost rank.
      • If anything is –2 column shifts or more, we don’t bother with.
    • Take final rank
      • Compare vs Reason
        • Above? Count columns, +1? Make a yellow feat roll under your reason.
      • Compare vs Resources
        • See above
      • Rank = number days to build


Red Goo Gun

  • Range – Poor (1 Area)
  • Material Strength – Good
  • Damage – Excellent
  • Highest “Applicable Rank” = Excellent
  • Anything equal to that rank? = No, move on, yes +2CS
  • Anything with in 1 rank? Y = Good (adds +1 CS to price)
  • Anything 2 ranks or lower? IGNORE
  • Total Cost = Remarkable


Links talked about on the show:

Vince’s Marvel X-Universe Actual Play Podcast


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  1. If you have an NPC build the device [hire a factory to craft it….] it would take as many days as the effective cost. If you have an assistant work with you, you can cut the time in half. If the assistant is within a Rank of the creator’s Reason, cut the time to 1/4. It also helps with the Reason FEAT but not the Resources.

    Kit-Bashing allows you to collapse the time frame, but makes it a one-off like MacGyverisms.

    I think the suit design would be closer to Constrictor instead of Blacklash/Whiplash.

  2. The Dr. Doom boxed set basically reprints the same rules as the Advanced Set, but provides examples of his technology and the amlgamation of science and sorcery.

    The addition of multiple effects would force a Special Requirement. If it can be duplicated by current technology, make a Reason Feat. If it is next-gen or ultra-tech, make an Amazing Reason Feat. If it is based on otherworldly tech, MN or Un.

    Step one for inventors of the current age: 3-d printer…
    Step two: download deep web files stolen by Spymaster from Stark/Stane/Hammer/Oscorp Industries.

  3. Sentinel Primes from Operation: Zero Tolerance.

    Charles In Charge… use Businessman NPC.

    When West Coast Avengers was disbanded, Tony recruited the teammates to work out of his automated factory dubbed Force Works. Every time someone would ask when he was going to build something he would say “It is in the Works.”

  4. The Iron Man suits are the results of Tony being a High Tech Hero, instead of crafting his suits by the invention rules. Knock-off suits would be emulating his tech, which would be expensive and likely require stolen samples of Stark tech.

    As far as the Despicable Me characters, I would make that an assignment for my fellow players. They dress up as minions at the zoo and get tv coverage…. They also played Cobweb and Spinnerette in a one-shot and nearly decimated the entire hero team and their hq.

    Darkhawk is not a gadget build. He has the alter ego power when using the amulet.

    Several cyborgs: Lady Deathstrike, The Reavers, Donald Pierce Spiral, Deathlok, Coldblood 7, Agent Phil Coulson, Yo-Yo, Commander Kraken, Death Adder, Constrictor [ended up with arms amputated and cybernetically replaced.]

    • Exactly. If someone came up with Iron Man as an original character, he would be built using the character generation rules (a high level point buy for instance) and not the gadget/invention rules. Also, Stark would modify his armor using the Karma advancement rules, not the tech rules, since the Iron Man armor, in game terms, is his unique “power-set.” I’d say the same thing goes for any hero who uses iconic gadgets tied to their heroic personas like Spider-Man’s web-shooter’s or Hawkeye’s arrows. . Anything beyond their signature weapons and equipment has to be built.

      For instance, if a game wanted to recreated Stark creating/designing the Guardsman armor (which he did in the comics) this would involve the gadget rules even though it’s a suit of powered armor similar to his Iron Man series.

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