The Classic FASERIP Podcast Volume 1 Issue 6 – Creating Super Villains!

Welcome back to another show by WGP of podcasts! This week, Vince, Matt and Nick are live via youtube, streaming and talking to the listeners while doing the show, but the topic of the night is Creating super villains!

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  1. The Red Skull/Hate-Monger scenario is pretty good and, as a suggestion for their lackey hate group, consider the Sons Of The Serpent.

    Although the Red Skull & Hate Monger are both evil & batshit crazy, IMO, the Red Skull is a little more pragmatic and might be looking at the threat of awakening Cthulhu as more of a global blackmail threat, whereas the Hate Monger (the clone of Adolf Hitler) might be all gung-ho about releasing the Elder Gods, having somehow come to the conclusion that he can control/barter with them.

    This could be the tipping point where their alliance fractures.

    Also, regarding the purpose/M.O.’s of some of the evil Marvel organizations:

    Roxxon Corporation: An oil/energy provider, their main goal is being top dog in the energy space either through extreme corporate espionage and/or reckless R&D, with the occasional situation where their CEO (Hugh Jones) becomes influenced/possessed by the Serpent Crown and goes rogue.

    AIM: The former R&D division of Hydra, they broke off and their main goal was/is research, unhindered by morals and/or laws, mostly in high-energy physics with a healthy interest in genetic research.

    AIM finances their work by selling their products (weapons, vehicles, robots, etc.) to unlawful people and organizations.

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