The Classic FASERIP Podcast Volume 1 Issue 5 – The Bullpen show!

Welcome back to another show by WGP of podcasts! This week, Vince, Matt and Nick clean out the backlog off writes from the bullpen. Answering questions and commenting on what others have said to us about the show and what they want to hear on the show. Check it out!

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  1. I’m really enjoying this show. I remember playing MSH back in the early 90s in college, and this podcast has brought me back to those joyful days back in high school. After listening to all these shows, with the Street Level episode in particular, I wanted to remind you that TSR came out with variant street level rules in a Dragon magazine article. In Dragon #197 The Marvel-Phile by Steven E. Schend was “Heroes of the Street Arise!” It included guidelines for creating vigilante heroes, as they were popular at the time. Specific guidelines included primary abilities must be within maximum human limits, weaponry or tech must be available to the general public (or group the hero belongs to, like SHIELD), and gizmos of the hero’s own devising can be no more than Amazing in rank. There was an updated origins table which included Normal Human, and a Normal Human rank table. I highly suggest you find this article, as I think it was done quite well. Thanks for putting out this podcast, and I look forward to listening more.

    • Thanks for listening! Thank you for the article, I am going to snag that article now. I totally forgot about looking in Dragon for these little gems. Great feedback!

      • Can’t find the article at classic marvel forever, and I have been running into a few dead links. If you find it before me, can you post a link? There was also a Dragon Marvel-Phile that updated the Ability rank comparison charts [Reason was rekeyed to say modern instead of 80’s tech, equivalents to high school/bachelor’s/master’s/ doctorate degrees/genius/multi focus genius/…]

        • It’s not on the Classic Marvel Forever Marvel-Phile for some reason. Perhaps they missed it. I may be able to get you a digital copy. Send me a message on G+ (pavelft).

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