The Classic FASERIP Podcast Presents Bound for Glory – Skull the Slayer!

Vince, Matt and Nick sit down this week for something different and talk about Skull the Slayer from the mid ’70s. They break down the 8 issue comic series in detail, talking about history and their thoughts about how to take on this gonzo like comic series! Enjoy!

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Vince’s Write up:
Name: Lieutenant James Patrick Scully
Alias: Skull, Skull the Slayer, Son of the Sun.
Place of Birth: Wahoo, Nebraska, USA
Known Relatives: Jeff (brother, deceased), parents (unnamed, deceased), Pamela (ex-wife).
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 200 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Red
Race: Caucasian (Human)
Occupation: Former Airforce pilot, Served during Vietnam War.
First Appearances: Skull the Slayer I #1 (August, 1975)
Known Associates: Dr Raymond Corey, Ann Farrow Reynolds, Geoffrey “Jeff” Turner

F 50
A 20
S 10
E 20

R 20
I 30
P 10

H 100
K 60

P 6
R 4
Skull Belt
Fearless – Grants Skull Amazing (50) against fear and taking risks.
Super Strength – Grants him Incredible (40) Strength.
Force field bubble – Protection against normal weapons and bullets Excellent (20).
Power Blast – When focusing can emit a blast of energy with a strike Monstrous (75).

Matt’s write up:

James Scully – Skull the Slayer
F – Excellent – Excellent
A- Excellent – Excellent
S – Good – Remarkable
E- Excellent – Remarkable
R – Typical – Typical
I – Good – Good
P – Good – Good

Health 70 – 100
Karma 26
Resource – Poor
Popularity – Poor

Skills -Martial Arts – B —Ann Mentions Kung Fu in Marvel Team Up

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  1. I would like to see you to a section of each show and Stat out the heroes as they appear in the movies. I would also like to see a contest of Champions section where you actually play through a combat between a hero and a villain or two heroes or two villains. Good show I enjoy it a lot love that old system. Keep up the good work

  2. Nice podcast guys.

    Like you guys referenced, I think this series was a hodgepodge of topical issues and the pop culture of that time (“Westworld” & “The Land That Time Forgot”, especially).

    Besides all the story elements of robots, time travel, aliens, etc. giving the book a somewhat convoluted feel, I think a bigger part of the problem is the tremendous amount of shuffling of creative teams on and off of this book.

    In its 8 issues, Skull The Slayer had 3 different editors (Lein Wein, Marv Wolfman & Archie Goodwin), 3 different writers (Marv Wolfman, Steve Englehart & Bill Mantlo) and 3 different pencilers (Steve Gan, Sal Buscema & Ron Wilson) and a variety of different inkers, colorists & letterers, which is why there probably seems to be such a disjointed feel to the series. Skull The Slayer is a FrankenComic.

    it’s been a long time since I played the MSH RPG, but I think Matt’s stats on Skull are a little closer to the mark, but I’m not so sure about the Monstrous Energy Strike thing.

    On a final note, I wonder if this series wasn’t rushed out to beat DC’s “The Warlord” (a very similar series to StS) to publication.

    And, like The Warlord, I get the impression that Skull The Slayer was never intended to be part of the Marvel Universe, but that changed once the series’ storyline had to be resolved in Marvel Two-In-One #35 (written AND edited by the original creator, Marv Wolfman)

    • Thanks for the comments. Agreed with you that due to the various editors on this thing not messed up the flow.

      Totally forgot about The Warlord. Have to see what the guys think! Thanks for listening!

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