The Classic FASERIP Podcast Volume 1 Issue 4 – With Great Power, comes creation?


In this very Issue the guys are back with a new show! For this issue of the podcast we decided to cover the often forgotten Polyhedron Issue 72 article called, “With Great Power”. This article goes over an alternative method of character creation, the point buy system. It was very similar to the MEGS DC Heroes character creation system. We go over briefly and then explain how this method really allows players to dig into the game and customize the character to their liking. Continuing along with the character creation theme, we decided to flip to page 12 of the Advanced Players guide, and talk about round out characters and making them more interesting.. how to make them feel more 3D then a dull piece of paper with stats on them. Finally we end the show with our bullpen section answering emails, tweets and website comments (keep them coming folks!).


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