The Classic FASERIP Podcast Volume 1 Issue 10 – What is FASERIP TACTICS?

Join Vince as he has a guest host on, Sean, who is talking about a free game FASERIP TACTICS! It takes the rules for FASERIP and boils it down to a mini’s type game that can be played in 40 minutes or less!

Description: “FASERIP Tactics is a tactical miniatures rule set designed to use existing miniatures and maps. FASERIP Tactics rules are informed and inspired by the Marvel Super Heroes RPG and use the Universal Table to resolve game rules. Like many games, FASERIP Tactics is exception based, meaning the rules provide a framework and individual figures, plots and other game pieces will have exceptions to the rules. If text on a game piece contradicts these rules, the game piece wins. A familiarity with other miniature games will help a great deal in understanding FASERIP Tactics”

Vince’s Marvel X-Universe Actual Play Podcast


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