The Classic FASERIP Podcast Volume 1 Issue 1 – Tell me about FASERIP

Welcome to the Classic FASERIP Podcast, a podcast that focuses on what we all love, TSR’s Marvel Super Heroes games.

In our very first episode the hosts talk about the following topics

  • The basic mechanics of the show, how the chart works and how to play the game
  • Difference in running & playing in this system compared to your typical kick the door down fantasy
  • What books to start with and where to find those books
  • What modules would you need to look at when creating your game

We go into some detail about each giving our thoughts about each one.

Links talked about on the show:


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  1. Awesome! Love classic marvel! Look up classicmarvel Under rescources section has all the books and modules. Just FYI!

  2. I am fighting dozens of battles between Marvel and DC at based on FASERIP. We will be attempting to add some context to the endless arguments online. Would appreciate you taking a look.

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